A “heartbroken” mum has slammed a nursery in Drumchapel for not allowing her child to have his own packed lunch despite his severe allergies.

One-year-old Junior Devlin has been left with a swollen face, hands, and throat on three separate occasions while being at nursery - including one this month.

But Drumchapel Early Years Centre said they can’t allow a packed lunch to be brought in - in case this affects any other children who have allergies.

Junior’s mum, Chantelle Devlin, 22, said it was confirmed earlier this year that Junior is allergic to nuts and peas, but thinks there are more food allergies.

The nursery says this is a process of elimination and are working with the family.

Glasgow Times: Junior Devlin after having an allergic reactionJunior Devlin after having an allergic reaction

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Chantelle told our sister paper the Clydebank Post: “It’s very distressing and heart-breaking to see him when he’s had a reaction. Each one has become more severe.

“He is only coming up for two so he can’t really say much. So for me he is unable to speak for himself so it’s quite stressful.

“We should be walking away from Junior feeling content that he’s well looked after and healthy, but instead we were walking away feeling guilty we were leaving him in the hands of someone else, not knowing what was going to happen.”

The mum added: “I have a lifelong job to hold down to look after him. It’s not as easy putting him into another nursery because there’s no places, and the process of this getting sorted is killing me as it is.”

Glasgow City Council said the nursery staff have been working with Junior’s mum and dad to support them through the worrying time while medical staff carry out tests to confirm what allergies trigger a reaction.

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A council spokeswoman added: “The most important thing is the health and wellbeing of all the children attending the nursery and that the staff have all the information and support they need.

“There’s a full support plan in place with agreed procedures in place for all the staff to follow.

“This includes a food diary that’s being completed in the nursery that then goes home as a process of elimination for different food items.

“The nursery will continue to work with the family and health professionals to reassure the family that we are all working together to make sure that we mitigate every risk possible.

“We understand there’s been some discussion around packed lunches but we need to make sure that the food being consumed in the nursery is prepared under a controlled environment as any food being brought in might contain allergens that could affect children attending the nursery with other allergies.”