Ruth Davidson is taking the voters for mugs, and not for the first time.

The former Conservative leader is to take up a job with a lobbying firm Tulchan Communications.

In return for 24 days of her valuable time she will be paid £50,000. Yes, that’s right £50,000 for 24 days work.

More than £2000 a day. Nice work and all that.

When she resigned as Scottish Conservative leader Ms Davidson said the idea of spending weeks away from her family, filled her with dread.

She doesn’t mind spending her days off from the MSP job working for the PR and Lobbying firm and not spending with her partner and young son.

The £50,000 a year might have helped a little with that dilemma.

Ms Davidson as a MSP earns £63,579 a year.

A look at her register of interests shows that in the last few years the former Glasgow MSP has been paid for outside work, mainly book deals and media work.

On top of the very busy job of MSP for Edinburgh Central and Scottish tory leader until earlier this year Ms Davidson found the time to appear of television shows, write some newspaper columns and negotiate book advances.

Ms Davidson fancies herself as a bit of a celebrity, perhaps inspired by her former Labour sparring partner Kezia Dugdale who bunked off Holyrood duties to hang out in the jungle with some people who used to be sort of famous for doing something.

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The Tory appeared on Have I Got News For You and was paid £1500 for one episode. Kerching!

She also popped up on the Great British Bake Off, £2065, thank you very much.

Instead of asking Nicola Sturgeon Questions in Holyrood she appeared on TV screens in ITV quiz show The Chase. £5000, which she generously donated to The Maggie’s Charity.

Other work included £1500 for three columns in the Daily Telegraph.

She was paid £3000 by a media firm based in Liverpool for an essay on something or other.

Another £1000 was pocketed for the audio reading of a book, for those who want to hear Ms Davidson read to them. It takes all sorts I suppose.

Another £300 per column from the Mail on Sunday, £450 from the Evening Standard and the £300 twice for articles paid form by a media firm called Unherd.

If that’s not enough to help an MSP get by then there was the £20,500 advance in 2016 for a book that Ms Davidson said she planned on spending 20 hours a month writing.

Another £12,946 for delivery of a book and then £6800 more when the paperback come out.

Phew! No wonder she had to give up being Tory leader to spend more time with the family.

The ridiculous sum of money involved in the PR and Lobbying deal aside, Ms Davidson is having a laugh at the voters in accepting this.

As an MSP she is paid, handsomely, to represent her constituents. But she is taking even more money pro-rata to advise a commercial firm on political matters.

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The firm is paying for Ms Davidson’s influence. It has not gone unnoticed that there could be a conflict on interests.

Ms Davidson is not alone in having earnings outside the job she was elected to do.

Although her register of interests is pretty lengthy compared to others. Most have no other income to declare.

One or two others cause eyebrows to lift.

Alexander Burnett, Conservative MSP for Aberdeenshire West Is sole trader of AJA Burnett Estate.

His register of interests states: “I anticipate to withdraw between £160,000 and £170,000 in way of personal remuneration in 2017/18 based on historical figures. I expect to spend between 0 and 1 day per month on this role.” Ruth Davidson is a pauper in comparison.

He is also a a Director of Bancon Developments Holdings Limited, from which he expects to be paid up to £25,000 this year. Pocket change really.

highlands MSP Donald Cameron enjoyed between £25,000 and £30,000 for attending 5 board meetings per year, for a firm for Murray Income Trust and the same amount for the same number of meetings for Edinburgh Worldwide Investment Trust.

So Ms Davidson is not alone in have a second, third or fourth job.

She can have as many jobs as she likes. But in talking this jobs with a lobbying firm she has to walk away from her jobs as an MSP. Not in 2021 at the next election but now.

Given the amount of time she spends on outside work the voters probably wont even notice.