Get tough on traffickers

THE deaths of 39 imigrants in a lorry is a terrible thing, and apparently fines and imprisonment are no deterrent to traffickers. Those who employ, or use these immigrants must be held accountable. All their assets should be seized and heavy custodial sentences imposed. Any foreign nationals involved should be deported at the end of their sentence. Also all lorries entering this country or crossing any border must be stopped and searched. I know this will cause a lot of disruption, but the lives of dozens of people are at stake. But as usual, these people do not matter.

William Allan, East Kilbride

No to divisions

Did I agree with Stewart Paterson’s article in Friday’s Evening Times? Yes I did, 100%. The divisions that we are enduring are awful. The EU referendum opened up a can of worms that the public never imagined.

What appeared a simply Yes or No has grown arms and legs. Then there’s Ireland, separated decades ago but still at odds with each other, and the SNP want to drag us down the same road. Their theory that we can hitch up to the EU but can’t live with the rest of the UK and have borders everywhere is a recipe for bitterness and discontent.

Please, please NO!

H Dickson, via email

Help the hedgehogs

As Hallowe’en and 5 November approach, please bear in mind that hedgehogs are attracted to piles of sticks and leaves and may well be nesting in your bonfire pile when you come to light it. They will not run away when the fire starts and will die an agonising, but avoidable, death. You can, however, make the occasion safe for these little, seriously endangered mammals by building your pile on the day of the bonfire, which also saves it from getting soaked in the days beforehand. The BHPS website gives information about what to do if you discover a hedgehog. Be bonfire aware and help preserve these special little guys!

Moira Grant, British Hedgehog Preservation Society