GEORGE Square does not need a new “grand design” but a redesign to take it into the 21st century according to Glasgow’s City Urbanist.

Brian Evans was appointed to the role to help with changes to the city centre to ensure they are joined up and create better spaces for people.

The council is asking people what they want from George Square and what changes they think are needed to make it an improved space.

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Mr Evans said that there is much to love and protect about George Square but people need to drive any change that comes about.

He said: “We need to ask a number of questions for example about the statues, what the square is used for the trees and trying to take traffic out. Access for Queen Street Station and taxis.

“The city centre needs to work for everyone from 8 to 80 not just able-bodied people aged 16-65.”

Mr Evans raised the issue of statues and whether there should be others to reflect modern Glasgow.

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The debate about statues in George Square and Glasgow being mostly men has been debated before and is likely to be a focus when discussing any new designs for the square.

He said: “There is only one woman and it’s Queen Victoria. There are many women we could celebrate.”

Mr Evans said that people should take the opportunity to influence any changes and that there is much already to keep.

He added: “It’s not about grand designs but understanding what makes the square what it is, then write a design that can bring that about.”

He added: “George Square has on three sides a range of buildings of outstanding quality.

2 The relationship of the Cenotaph to the City Chambers design is up there with the best. I think we would want to look after that.

“We need to understand the climate. The south side is in the shade but the north is in the sun

“We need to think about the uses for the square that are appropriate for the climate.

“There is a genuine consensus that people love the square. Let’s find out what people cherish and safeguard it for the 21st century.”

Events are taking place this weekend to allow people to make their views known.

Workshops are happening today at 279-281 High Street today and tomorrow. A ‘co-create’ event happens on November 6 at the Garment Factory in the city centre.