A young Glasgow mum has been left devastated after being diagnosed with a brain tumour – just a day after giving birth to her baby boy.

Megan Lavery was supposed to be enjoying welcoming her son Roan with the rest of the world, but instead spent the first five weeks of his life undergoing four intensive brain surgeries.

The 21-year-old was then dealt a further blow when, what they thought was just a low-grade tumour was later diagnosed as a grade 4 neuroblastoma – an untreatable form of cancer.

Glasgow Times:

Megan, from Baillieston, was very ill for around six weeks before giving birth on August 13 - but the family say doctors just put it down to her pregnancy.

“I don’t remember much from before giving birth”, she told the Evening Times.

“Personality-wise, I wasn’t myself.”

She was taken for an MRI at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital just hours after Roan was introduced to the world, where doctors first noticed the build up of fluid on her brain.

On September 9, after a rollercoaster of emotions, Megan underwent a nine-and-a-half hour brain surgery.

Her mum Denise, 57, said: “Megan’s first thought when she was diagnosed was to hug her dad and apologise for upsetting everyone.

“Her brother’s birthday was the day after the big operation – she sent him a card in advance and he was breaking his heart.

Glasgow Times:

“It said ‘I hope I’m still here when you get this, I hope I haven’t spoiled your birthday. Look after mum, dad and Roan’.

“This is the girl we’re looking at here, she’s going to get through this. She is so brave.”

The operation was on a Monday, with Megan looking stronger and back up on her feet by the Saturday.

But the good news wouldn’t last.

Denise said: “The following week we got the bad news that it is a grade 4 neuroblastoma.

“They said its incurable and there is nothing they can do, but we aren't accepting that.

“She has had four brain surgeries and a baby in the space of five weeks - she is amazing.

“She said she wishes she is as strong as me but I'm a pussycat, this girl is a tiger, and she will make it”.

Glasgow Times:

Megan is halfway through a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which she attends every day.

But, after research from Denise, she has also began taking a dosage of legal CBD oil and a product called Penoxal.

However the products aren’t always cheap and, with both Megan’s 24-year-old boyfriend Paul Sweeney and Denise both taking time off work to care for the baby, times are tough.

A fundraiser was later set up to help the family with more than £5000 being raised in just three days.

Megan said: “The support has just been overwhelming, it’s amazing.

The fundraiser hit over £1000 in half an hour and so many people visited us in hospital.

“It was crazy. I can’t thank everyone enough”.

Paul said: “I was struggling quite a bit at first mentally, but seeing how normal she is now, it makes me not struggle anymore.

“It makes me positive and I believe in the CBD stuff because it’s just had a massive improvement on her progress.”

Denise added: “There’s been such a difference already with the CBD oil, she seems stronger and more mentally alert.

“This girl hasn’t given up. I don’t think anyone gave her a chance but she’s walking about and is so much brighter.”

The young couple have also announced plans to get married.

Megan said she is incredibly excited about the prospect after being with Paul for around three years.

The groom-to-be added: “After the second surgery it hit home that things were pretty serious.

“They said there was a risk to life which took us back a bit. We knew it could go wrong but it was just horrible to hear.

“We both just looked at other and said ‘if we get out of this, we’re going to do it, we’re going to get married’”.

The pair haven’t set a date yet, instead waiting in the hope Megan’s condition continues to improve first.

You can donate to the fundraiser here.