Glasgow and Edinburgh feature in the top well-read cities in the UK 2019 survey.

According to The Book People’s survey, based on data collected from 2,000 adults living in the UK, Glasgow is the 5th most bookish city as 60% of people read books more than once a week.

Edinburgh came third with 62% and Plymouth were top with 65%. Glasgow and Edinburgh were the only Scottish places mentioned in the survey which noted 16 cities.

It also revealed that fantasy was the top genre for Glaswegians closely followed by stories with a political edge.

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Southampton was mentioned to be fond of romantic stories whilst Leeds read more self-help books, Bristol enjoys poetry and Brighton buy more thriller stories.

The survey also examined people’s reading habits and found that the average bookworm buys 22 books a year, reads for an average of 43 minutes per sitting, and takes around five weeks to finish a book.

It reported that people finish reading 30 stories in a year but will fail to finish seven.

Crime stories were reported to be the most enjoyed genre in general along with mystery and drama. Autobiographies also made the top ten, suggesting that people appeal to life stories.

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In our current digital era with e-books and audiobooks becoming increasingly popular, this survey suggests Brits still prefer physical books.

Only 26% of readers preferred using e-readers like a Kindle, and 11% favour audiobooks, whereas 39% favour a new physical book bought from a shop, 36% go for a second-hand book bought from a shop, and 33% would rather have a new physical book purchased online.

The remaining 22% would opt to borrow a book from a library.

The survey shows that now only does genre differ per city, but favourite reading locations do too.

In Edinburgh, people would rather read in bed. However, those in Norwich prefer to read on public transport, at the beach in Brighton and even on the toilet for those in Newcastle.