George Square future

The article in Saturday’s Evening Times claims that people of city must decide the future of George Square.

Brian Evans has been appointed to the role to help with the changes in the city centre. The problem with this is that neither Brian Evans nor the Glasgow city council is listening to what the people say.

This is the third time Glasgow has had to go through this issue. Neither of the last two council leaders succeeded in their proposals for George Square.

The only changes people of Glasgow want in George Square is more grass, more benches, more flowers and trees and the square to remain a place to sit and relax in the fresh air.

George Square should only be used for the remembrance day parades and Christmas. The council must remove all the ‘events’ held in George Square and leave it for the people. The square is fine as it is.

Angry, Glasgow

City spot isn’t a priority

Personally, I feel that George Square is not a priority.

I think Glasgow City Council should be cleaning up our streets before the square is even considered.

I hope my comments are taken on board.

J Collins, Battlefield

Language in politics

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has warned Boris Johnson about his “inflammatory” language when discussing the Brexit saga.

All he has to do now is tell the other 600+ MPs the same as their decorum and manners in that house are nothing short of despicable.

The eyes of the world have been on British politics for the last few years and all they will have seen is a bunch of silver spoon fed rich public school boys and girls squabbling like geese to one and other trying their hardest to serve their own needs. If not that then it’s the name calling across the chamber.

Richard Low, Twechar