Cash incentives to downsize could be offered to housing association tenants, allowing homeless families to move into large properties.

Houses with four or more bedrooms which are under-occupied would be identified, with residents encouraged to move into “right sized” homes which meet their needs.

A cash incentive would help tenants with housing removal costs and decorating their new property.

The scheme has been proposed to address housing demand in Glasgow. Councillors are being asked to approve its promotion when they meet on Thursday.

A report reveals the plan could result in savings of around £59,000 per large family currently staying in temporary homeless accommodation.

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Councillor Kenny McLean, city convener for neighbourhoods, housing and public realm, said: “Across the city, the demand for larger family houses is increasing due to the number of larger homeless families living in temporary accommodation, living in the private rented sector and affected by welfare reforms and overcrowding.

“There is an opportunity to encourage households that are under-occupying social rented housing to be supported through both a housing options approach and possible use of an incentive scheme to move to the right sized home.

“If the scheme is successful, then there will be an opportunity for homeless families currently living in temporary accommodation to be rehoused in the affordable housing sector.”

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The Scottish Government has committed to making the best use of the existing housing supply. However, it is “clear that such moves should be an independent choice and existing tenants should not be coerced into moving”.

Consultation is planned with housing associations and will include identifying the number of properties currently under occupied by two or more rooms.

A council report states initial feedback from housing associations has been positive. It says research has shown there “are a number of health and well-being benefits for people moving to a property more suitable to their housing needs”.

Funding for the scheme will be made available to housing associations through the council’s Second Homes Council Tax budget.