Bonfire Night action

I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with Catriona Stewart’s stance on Bonfire Night (Evening Times, Tuesday).

Apart from the effect fireworks have on domestic animals, it must be awful for our wildlife too.

The sale of fireworks to the general public should be banned.

On Monday I was sitting quietly reading when this massive array of bangers were set off near to where I live.

I almost jumped out of my skin, not good for someone with a heart condition.

This will probably have to be endured up until, and beyond, the festive season.

I commend Sainsbury’s for stopping selling fireworks and I do hope that the Scottish Government passes a law banning them.

A Smart, Milton of Campsie

Dangerous fireworks

I TOTALLY agree with Catriona Stewart that fireworks should be banned.

I noticed a shop in the city centre at the weekend which was stocked from floor to ceiling with the most dangerous explosives you can imagine.

No doubt many of these will be used over the coming weeks to terrorise local communities. We debate this every year.

Fireworks are dangerous, more so in the hands of local neds who also launch attacks on front line service staff. Fireworks should be confined to licensed, organised events which everyone can enjoy in safety.

MA, Glasgow

Refusing to vote Labour

So we are to go to the polls this December.

I am a lifelong Labour voter but I cannot vote for Corbyn.

There is no way I will vote for the liberal promise breakers or the SNP, and that leaves only one party – the Tories. As I have never missed a vote since I have been eligible to vote. Not voting is not a option.

But can I say this to all young voters – you must vote. This will determine the future of our country and your future. I am in my 60s, not old, but young people must stand up and be counted, it is your future.

Jim Tees, via email