Last week we saw, perhaps more clearly than ever, the Tories’ utter disregard for Scotland and devolution as they sought to pass the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Bill without adequate scrutiny or the consent of the Scottish Parliament.

Boris Johnson outrageously attempted to re-write the devolution settlement when he falsely claimed during Prime Minister’s Questions that the “the Scottish Parliament has no role” in approving his Bill. This was despite his own government confirming days earlier that Holyrood’s consent was in fact required.

The Tories now make no effort to conceal their disdain and disrespect for the Scottish Parliament – they are brazen in their decisions to vote down Scotland’s interests at every opportunity.

This was illustrated starkly in the debate on the Queen’s Speech. The party voted against an amendment that called for the protection of freedom of movement, condemned the benefits freeze and rape clause, and suggested that the Withdrawal Agreement Bill could only become law if it received consent from the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Senedd.

This contempt for Scotland comes at a huge cost.

It was revealed last week by the Fraser of Allander Institute that Brexit has already cost the Scottish economy £3billion – and, don’t forget, it hasn’t actually happened yet.

But if allowed to progress, Boris Johnson’s plans would be even more damaging to Scotland in future – they would have severe and lasting consequences for our economy, society and our place in the world.

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Given the nature of our population, the Tories’ plan to end freedom of movement is particularly concerning.

Scotland’s demographics differ from those of the rest of the UK. We rely more heavily on migration for growing our population – and growing our working age population is vital for supporting our economy and public services.

Indeed, statistics published last week project all of Scotland‘s population growth over the next 25 years will come from migration.

It stands to reason, then, that ending freedom of movement could have a devastating impact on our population, even sending it into decline.

The contribution EU citizens make to the diversity of our culture and communities is huge and invaluable. But their role in our businesses, workforce and the delivery of our key public services like health and social care is also crucial.

Opposition parties should stand strong in opposing Tory attempts to end freedom of movement and demonise migrants who choose to build their lives and families here.

We must join together in encouraging all those who have chosen to make Scotland their home to stay here after Brexit. And we must offer them the support they need to do so.

However if the Tories plough ahead with their plans, all politicians should demand that the Scottish Parliament gains control over immigration so we can tailor policies that are best suited to our circumstances.

Throughout this sorry Brexit saga, the UK Government has wilfully ignored not only Scotland’s needs but our voice too. It has already torn up constitutional rules when it legislated on devolved issues without the consent of MSPs and last week made clear it was willing to do so all over again.

At every step of the Brexit process the Tories have attempted to ride roughshod over or undermine Scotland. Indeed, there is no doubt that Brexit has laid bare the deep democratic deficit that exists within the UK.

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The Welsh First Minister joined me last week in raising these concerns. He shared my strong view that Brexit was damaging devolution and that Boris Johnson’s proposed deal was ‘a bad one for both Wales and Scotland’.

But alone of all the UK nations, Scotland faces being taken out of the EU against our will, with no say whatsoever on our future relationship.

England and Wales voted to leave, albeit narrowly. And although Northern Ireland like Scotland voted to remain, Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal offers them preferential access to the EU single market and a say over their own future.

Scotland is being offered none of that – we are simply being ignored and placed at a competitive disadvantage as a result.

We wholeheartedly support efforts to ensure peace and stability on the island of Ireland, in line with the Good Friday Agreement, which must be respected. But the UK Government is knowingly putting Scotland’s economy and businesses at a disadvantage, and that makes a mockery of the so-called partnership of equals in the UK.

The question is what happens now. An extension to January 31 has now been offered by the EU – and Boris Johnson’s ‘do or die’ promise to leave on Halloween has been broken.

It is time therefore for a General Election. Leaving Johnson in place to run down the clock to a possible no deal Brexit at the end of January is a bad idea. And while the SNP has supported a so-called People’s Vote, there does not appear to be a majority in Westminster for it.

So let’s give people a say in an election. For Scotland, that’s a chance to reject Brexit again and, crucially, to demand the right to choose our own future.