A FAILING housing association will finally transfer its business and assets to another social landlord after nearly four years of misery for tenants.

Thistle Housing Association faced intense scrutiny from the Scottish Housing Regulator after a raft of failures, including the mismanagement of a multi-million pound energy project.

Finally, the association has apologised to residents who are still waiting for energy upgrade remedial works to be successfully completed on their homes... nearly four years after a 14-week scheme should have ended.

Resident Ian Paterson said: "It’s been a sair fecht for more than three years and something which did not need to happen if only Thistle had engaged with its customers."

A letter sent to residents reads: "First of all, Thistle Housing Association is sorry for all the disruption and distress caused by the Association.

"We are aware of our failings across many areas of our business, in particular the issues around the Major Works Contract carried out by E-ON and the management of Health and Safety.

"We are sorry for the impact this has had on our customers.

"The Association is deeply disappointed by our failings in these issues."

The housing association owns hundreds of homes in Toryglen and factors hundreds more.

Residents had to fight to be taken seriously but were finally vindicated when the housing watchdog uncovered financial and health and safety mismanagement.

A spokesman for Thistle Housing Association said: "Thistle continues to work closely with the Scottish Housing Regulator to address all of the areas highlighted within its engagement plan.

"As part of a period of scrutiny to determine the best way forward for our tenants and service users, we have decided to seek a partnership arrangement with another reputable Registered Social Landlord.

"This process will take time and we will continue to update residents and stakeholders as and when more information is available."