First Minister is right

I TOTALLY agree with our First Minister. The Tories ,and indeed may I add the other unionist branch office parties, have nothing but utter disregard for Scotland and the welfare of Scotland’s people.

The SNP are the only true Scottish party with Scotland’s interests at heart.

We are so very lucky to have our wee First Minister, who is every inch an articulate politician, and a great human being.

Scotland will prosper when we become independent, that’s for sure.

Who in their right mind would give their money to their neighbours to be given a small fraction of it back, while the neighbours prosper and we are deprived because of them?

We can manage our own finances. Let’s vote SNP for independence and being in European Union.

A Smart, Glasgow

Waste of money

So Nicola Sturgeon thinks we should all vote SNP.

This is the woman who squandered a fortune having all police vehicles in Scotland, which were already marked ‘police’ decalled in ’Gaelic’ – a dead language which only a fraction of the population know or care about.

We will all be back in kilts and living on porridge if she gets her way.

What a total waste of thousands of pounds to satisfy her ego.

LJT, Glasgow

Name and shame

The report highlighting 10,000 attacks on public sector workers is truly shocking.

These workers are employed to provide essential services to the community at large, so the perpetrators of violence and abuse should feel the full force of the law.

They should also be named and shamed. If further legislation is required to protect these workers then it should be done with the backing of everyone, regardless of political persuasion.

MA, Glasgow