A former Labour MSP has quit the party and moved to the SNP.

Glasgow Labour councillor, Anne McTaggart, who was re-elected in 2017 to represent the Anniesland and Drumchapel ward, has been thinking about leaving Labour for some time.

Ms McTaggart has been an elected Labour politician for nine of the last ten years.

She is a former list MSP for Glasgow between 2011 and 2016 having previously been a councillor since a by-election win in 2009.

The announcement could be made at Glasgow’s pro-independence rally where First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and leader of Glasgow City Council, Susan Aitken, are due to speak.

The move was approved by the SNP’s National Executive Committee earlier this week but they did not feel it was appropriate for her to “cross the floor” at yesterday's full council meeting.

Ms McTaggart said: "I really want to be part of something positive, something which works for the people of our city. The Labour Party hasn’t done anything positive of note for a long time in Glasgow. Meanwhile, I’ve been watching the SNP delivering positive policies, both at a national and a city level, which are the right ones for my community.

"It’s now clear that independence is the only way forward for the people and the communities I’ve represented for over 10 years. It offers them the security and opportunity being eroded by Westminster."

The switch will give the SNP 38 councillors in Glasgow City Chambers, still short of the 43 needed for a majority.

It takes the Labour group down to 30 councillors.

Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: "Anne’s decision is an exceptionally brave one. It cannot have been easy.

"But the journey which Anne has made is one which many people across Scotland have been making over the past decade and particularly since 2014.

"She is part of a growing movement which sees that an independent Scotland is not only the best option for the future wellbeing of our communities and our citizens, it is the only way to protect them from the chaos of Brexit and a broken Westminster system.”

Ms McTaggart, when she was a Labour MSP brought forward a bill to change the law on organ donation backing the Evening Times Opt for Life campaign.

However, because the SNP Scottish Governement didn't support it, the bill was defeated.

The Scottish Government later brought its own version of opting out to Parliament, which was passed.