Clothes ‘shock’

You’re forgiven Eva. Thanks for doing a great job. Hopefully now your successor won’t have to deal with the faux shock from those that didn’t already know the Lord Provost position came with a clothing allowance.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the paper, news that the council has managed to secure funding to clear up the last of the colossal mess left by the Labour party before them is ignored.

Danny Kerr, posted online

Answer questions

Questions that need answers. “Name one law imposed on the UK by the EU that the UK didn’t sign up for”? or “Name the EU laws that should be scrapped”? or “Why is the principle of UK sovereignty and self-governance a valid reason to leave the EU, but that principle shouldn’t apply to Scotland within the UK”? The world must look on and wonder why any working-class person wants the corrupt, incompetent Westminster elite having more control over their lives?

Rod Selbie, via email

History lessons

Dear Nicola Sturgeon, in 1314, King Robert Bruce won the battle of Bannockburn.

It would take the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320 followed by the recognition of Rome in 1324 by Pope John XXII for Robert to be officially recognized as king of an independent Scotland.

In 1328, King Edward the III of England renounced all claims to sovereignty over Scotland, which made way for the treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton to be signed, This ended the first war of Scottish independence. Scotland was now an independent nation.

But in 1707 Scotland and England had ratified the treaty of union, which merged both parliaments and both crown,s thus becoming Great Britain. So who is to say if we get independence again we won’t do something really daft like join yet another union ? If it happened before, it can happen again.

Richard Low, Twechar

Gold standard

Regarding the SNP wanting independence. Can anyone tell me where are Scotland’s gold reserves? Just a thought...

Mac, Duntocher