LAWYER Aamer Anwar has taken to social media to mark 28 years since he was assaulted by Strathclyde Police before being awarded compensation.

The 51-year-old Rector of Glasgow University was arrested in 1991 after being found illegally flyposting on Ashton Lane in the West End of the city.

During the incident, he was pushed to the ground by police and had his teeth chipped.

He successfully took civil action against the force and, four years later, it was found an officer had assaulted him in what appeared to be a racially motivated attack.

The officer was suspended and Aamer was awarded £4,200.

Today, Aamer shared a moving post on Facebook looking back on the day he said an officer told him 'that's what happens to black boys with big mouths'.

The post said: "Sitting here in Liverpool with my mum thinking it’s funny how life turns out.

"28 years ago this month, the night of November 4, a racist attack by Strathclyde Police changed the course of my life.

"I was chased behind Ashton Lane in Glasgow for student flyposting, pushed to the ground, my teeth smashed out and I was kicked repeatedly, the officer told me ‘This is what happens to black boys with big mouths’.

"I became a radical campaigner and some 25 attempted arrests, five court hearings, several arrests and four years later, I fought and won my civil action, the only person of colour to ever do so in Scotland.

"From then until now I have learned justice is never given to you, but always fought for."