PUPILS from Notre Dame High School will hold a peaceful protest outside Glasgow City Chambers to tell councillors to "Keep us all-girls".

City politicians will take a decision on November 28 as to whether to open Scotland's last remaining girls school to boys.

A campaign begun by parents has asked the council to end single sex education in the city and make Notre Dame mixed sex.

Groups have formed on both sides of the debate to put their views across as to what is best for the future of the secondary.

But now its pupils are speaking out with a clear message - "Keep us unique. Keep us all-girls."

From 3.15pm this afternoon the Pupil Representative Group from Notre Dame will hold a protest outside the Chambers.

They will hand over a pupil petition they say expresses the strength of feeling among pupils for the school to remain all-girls.

A statement from the group says: "In 1897 the Sisters of Notre Dame travelled to Glasgow to establish a school for the education of girls and we continue to serve this legacy.

"We believe that being in an all-girls school enables us to grow to our full potential.

"All faiths and cultures are embraced and respected, bringing girls from all over our city.

"We have a great ethos, encouraging everyone to try their very best, and this helps make us amongst the highest performing Catholic schools in Glasgow.

"We do not believe it should change."

The girls go on to speak about the results of a public consultation, which had almost 5000 responses.

Figures showed 39.9 per cent voted to keep the status quo while 13.4 per cent said they would want to keep the school single sex and expand the catchment area.

However, 45.9 per cent of respondents said they would like to make the school co-educational.

Adding options one and two suggests nearly 54 per cent voted for the school to remain all-girls.

The pupil group added: "Should a co-ed vote succeed, there would be significant costs involved in adapting the school building.

"We believe that these funds would be put to much greater use if used to support educational resources for the education of all Glasgow pupils, allowing everyone to benefit.

"Notre Dame High School is the only all-girls state school in Scotland and we should be giving future generations the opportunity to benefit from this."

Last month Glasgow's ruling SNP group voted in favour of mixed sex education at Notre Dame High School and the city's Conservative and Green groups said they plan to do the same.

It means a majority of councillors will be in favour of co-education when a final decision is made at committee on November 28.