EVERYONE has a song in them, according to Glasgow singer-songwriter James Grant.

The successful solo artist and frontman of Love & Money has been concentrating on his parallel career as a tutor, helping people put their thoughts and feelings into music through his Bespoke Somgwriting project.

There is excellent news for fans, though, as James is the latest high profile name to join Frets Acoustic’s series of off-the-beaten-track gigs - he will be performing at the Strathaven Hotel on November 29 - AND there is new music on the horizon…

“I’m writing new material for another solo album, for release maybe next year,” he says.

“I’m really looking forward to Frets – it is a brilliant idea for artists and punters alike in that it breaks with the usual format.

“It’s in a beautiful venue too.”

The first Frets Acoustic gig at the Strathaven Hotel in South Lanarkshire was a sell-out, featuring Lloyd Cole. The series is the brainchild of Derek Fleming and Douglas MacIntyre, musicians and friends since their high school days at Strathaven Academy.

The concerts feature well-known artists playing acoustic sets in a bespoke venue outwith the usual touring circuit.

In an interesting twist, each artist also chooses a songwriter who has influenced them, playing a few cover songs in their set. For Lloyd, it was T-Rex; for James, it is Led Zeppelin.

“Lloyd is a pal of mine and it was great to see him so chilled out and clearly enjoying himself,” adds James.

“I’ll be playing tunes from all the dark corners of my time in show business along with a few Led Zep tunes.”

He explains: “Springsteen spoke about the snare at the top of Like A Rolling Stone kicking open a door. The almost imperceptible laugh followed by THAT RIFF for Whole Lotta Love had that effect on me.

“The sense of mystery and mythology about Zep was a powerful thing - they were the biggest band in the world yet no one seemed to know anything about them. They didn’t even feel the need to put their name on their records.

“Contrast that with today.”

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He adds: “It was the acoustic side as much as the bombast that thrilled me. Jimmy Page, himself influenced by Davy Graham and Bert Jansch, could seemingly do anything..and had a messianic presence.”

James, who has worked with some of the biggest names in music including Gary Katz of Steely Dan and Tom Dowd, who produced Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton and Aretha Franklin, has performed or toured with some of the best in the business - U2, BB King, Tina Turner, Pete Seeger and The Prague Philharmonic.

He is also performing in Fife, Hamilton, Stirling and Paisley over the coming weeks – find out more about the gigs and his songwriting project at jamesgrantsongbook.com.

Strathaven Hotel may be an unusual choice of venue, but the town itself has a distinguished musical pedigree - Orange Juice recorded their debut single, Falling and Laughing, at Emblem Sound recording studios, which were based in the Common Green.

Emblem Sound studio was featured in the popular TV series, Tutti Frutti, written by John Byrne and starring Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson.

Orange Juice were signed to legendary Scottish independent record label Postcard Records, and another signing to the label, Aztec Camera, also recorded their debut release – an early version of We Could Send Letters - in Emblem Sound.

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Neatly completing the circle, Emblem was also where Douglas and Derek recorded two songs under the band name, The Frets - the inspiration for their new project.

The two musicians have now set up Frets Creative, a new hub to encourage creativity, music and the arts. The building opens in the centre of Strathaven on December 1 and Douglas and Derek are holding an open day for Frets Music Lessons on December 8. Find out more at fretscreative.com

Only a few tickets, priced £25, remain for the Frets Acoustic gig with James Grant on November 29.

Visit fretscreative.com for more information.