Mothercare collapse

Having seen Mothercare has become the latest victim of administration with the loss of 2500 UK jobs.

It seems such a shame so close to Christmas. I only hope the same vultures who queued outside Watt Brothers and broke out in fights when there were no bargains don’t show as little respect at Mothercare.

Jill Ferguson, via email

Greatest Glaswegian

With regards to the Evening Times’ Greatest Glaswegian poll, well done to Billy Connolly.

I can’t think of many Glaswegians who have done better in their chosen field.

Martin Neilson, posted online

Notre Dame move

As a former pupil of an all girls’ school, the Glasgow High School for Girls, which lost its status in the early 1970s, I think Notre Dame should follow the same route and have its single-sex school status abolished and become mixed-sex.

Why should there be a single-sex status for a state Catholic school in Glasgow when everyone else has to attend a mixed-sex school?

There is no justification for taxpayers and council taxpayers to fund this “advantage”, when everyone else has to attend mixed-sex schools.

It makes me wonder if there is a bias by some councillors. It should have been abolished in the 1970s at the same time as the other similar state schools.

In fact I don’t know how it managed to avoid the fate of those schools, e.g Allan Glens, Glasgow High School for Girls, Hillhead High School.

Janet McIntosh, via email

Trip down memory lane

I enjoyed reading about Ina McKeown’s memories of Cardonald Library on Tuesday and how it helped inspire her love of reading.

KW, Glasgow