A FORMER bank in the City Centre will be transformed into a new restaurant.

Members of Glasgow City Council’s planning board agreed to grant permission to turn the part of the old RBS at 393 Sauchiehall Street into an eatery.

Around 17 letters of objection were submitted to the local authority regarding the development which is in a conservation area. Two of these were from councillor Philip Braat and councillor Angus Miller.

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Proposals for the building, which boarders Elmbank Street, were discussed at the planning meeting on Tuesday morning.

A planning officer said: “This building was formally used as a bank which ceased use around about 2014.

“It has been boarded up for some time, but the entrance was previously on Sauchiehall Street.

“The subdivision will create two units. The unit which fronts Elmbank Street and part of Sauchiehall Street will be the one turned into a restaurant. The other part of the building will remain empty for now.”

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Concerns had been raised by residents regarding late night hours of use and associated increase of noise from customers.

Residents are also worried about pedestrian safety with an increase in traffic expected and a rise in car parking demand. Locals say there is an over provision of restaurants and hot foot takeaways in this part of Sauchiehall Street.

The officer continued: “The proposed hours are from 10.30am until 11pm. Although there are residential properties above and adjacent to the site it is recognised this is a city centre location.

“It is expected that there will be activity during the evening. It is not considered that approval of this use would exacerbate noise levels to an unacceptable degree.

“The site is in a controlled parking zone and is unlikely to have an adverse impact on parking or pedestrian safety.”