WITH all the changes that Irn Bru has gone through over the years, the Christmas renditions have to be the best. 

From the Snowman advert to the Fiery Irn Bru, Irn Bru mastermind AG Barr are always one step ahead. 

And this Christmas is no different, because this Christmas Irn Bru has blessed us with limited edition Crimbo Juice to spice up our festive periods- and at the Evening Times we were lucky enough to get our hands on an early sample bottle of Crimbo Juice to put it to the test. 

Glasgow Times:

The bottle has a red label and top with a snowflake design and a tiny dancing snowman in its centre. 

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It smells strongly of spicey-ness: perhaps cinnamon, or a bit of ginger. As per, AG Barrs are extremely secretive about the ingredients that make the bright elixir. 

Glasgow Times: Hard as it is to describe the normal Irn Bru taste, Crrimbo Juice does indeed taste like Christmas. Ginger notes are stronger than any other so we'd hazard a comparison to ginger beer. 

Glasgow Times:

In typical Irn Bru maverick twist, the launch of Crimbo Juice into stores was anything other than quiet. Three of Scotland’s hottest drag queens today shared their top tips on spicing up Crimbo to unassuming members of the Scottish public as the Three Wise Queens of Crimbo: ‘Frankie, 24 Carat Goldie and Myriam’.

Mary Mac, a 29 year old Wise Queen from Toryglen, said that Irn Bru reminds her of home. 

"Crimbo Juice will be great for keeping everyone warm this Christmas because as usual in Scotland, winter is going to be freezing. 

"I love Irn Bru - I spend a lot of my time in London doing shows, and a lot of the bars now actually stock Irn Bru in the glass bottles because I always ask for it and have my friends drinking it too". 

Glasgow Times:

"Irn Bru means home to me. It means Glasgow, it means proper Scottish drink. I grew up drinking Irn Bru. I think people think that we take baths in it up here.

"I can't describe what it tastes like and I think everyone has to taste it once in their life. I think that's why they say that it does get you through!"

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Glasgow Times:

The release of Crimbo Juice comes just days after Irn Bru 1901 promised to take fans of the soft drink back to the start of the 20th century to sample the ‘old and unimproved’ version made to a handwritten recipe stored deep in the company archives.

The drink is set to also hit the shelves this December, faithfully packaged in traditional 75cl glass bottles as it was originally sold.