THE council has closed down a school following a bug outbreak to allow specialist cleaners to carry out work.

St Angela’s Primary School in Darnley will now be closed until Monday after the outbreak of the bug which is believed to be Norovirus.

Today, specialist cleaning crews wearing white overalls were on site at the school on Glen Moriston Road to carry out the clean. The school said a deep spray clean with a 48 hour period of no contact has been done to kill any virus or germs.

Parents were informed of the two-day closure via text message this morning.

Glasgow Times:

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “As a precautionary measure St Angela’s Primary will be closed on Thursday and Friday to give the pupils and staff time to recover from this bug.

“A specialist clean has also been organised and families have the public health information sheet with advice sent out from the school.

“The school will continue to keep their families updated.”

We reported yesterday that a high number of pupils were off sick with the bug. It is understood that more than one hundred pupils were showing signs of Norovirus. Glasgow City Council said that some of their staff had also caught the virus.

The highly contagious virus is better known as winter vomiting bug. It causes vomiting or diarrhoea, or both. There is no specific treatment and the health board has advised parents to let it run its course.

Other symptoms include headaches, stomach cramps, aching limbs, and a raised temperature.

Councillor David McDonald said: "An event like this is always a worry for parents but the wellbeing of pupils and staff at our schools is always our top priority, I believe that the school in discussion with the education department and health colleagues made the right to decision to close the school as a precautionary measure.

"I hope everyone will take good care in the next few days and return to school fit and healthy.”

Glasgow Times:

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman added: "Unfortunately our schools deal with the cases of the winter vomiting bug every year and it’s always a developing situation as to the best course of action to minimise passing on any potential infection and in consultation with health professionals.

“The decision to close the school on Thursday is down to the high numbers of children and staff who’ve come down with the illness so quickly and to allow everyone time to recover.

“Any parent who’s concerned about their child’s health can make the decision themselves to keep their child at home until they are well.

“We are sorry for inconvenience closing the school at short notice will have caused families – but the health and wellbeing of child and staff is our primary concern.”