A YOUNG Celtic fan is in hospital after being stabbed in Rome following the club's match against Lazio on Thursday Night.

The man understood to be 20 years old is the third to have been stabbed during the Glasgow side's away leg in the Italian capital. 

He was released this morning after receiving treatment for a lower back wound.

The latest attack comes after two Hoops fans were stabbed by masked men outside the Flann O'Brien pub in the city in the lead up to the game. 

Both were stabbed in the leg but their injuries are not life-threatening.

One of those fans remains in the hospital. 

Several supporters also said they were "ambushed" as they had to walk back into the city following Celtic's 2-1 victory over Lazio last night.

Fans took to social media to describe how they were attacked as they returned from the stadium.

Michael McFarlane tweeted a video of fans walking in the dark and wrote: "Our shuttle bus broke down 1km from the stadium. Driver chucked us out, meaning we had to walk through the Lazio neighbourhood.

"After this video, about 20 Lazio fans sprinted from the dark and ambushed the group at the river. Got away safe, not sure about others."

Rab Robertson wrote: "Fair squad of us ambushed, weans the lot, completely co-ordinated, hopefully all safe", while Thomas Lunday tweeted: "Not enough buses to take everyone back to the city, so rest of the fans had to walk a couple miles further on that's when they where ambushed by casuals."

Glasgow Times:

The Celtic fan liaison officer advised fans to "keep a low profile" as they returned from the game.

He tweeted: "Wee update for fans in Rome, don't walk back to town, get taxis or shuttle buses back to the city and keep a low profile."

The club had issued safety advice to fans amid tensions after a match between the clubs in Glasgow last month.

Supporters were advised to avoid wearing club colours while walking around Rome, particularly in the evening, stay in large groups where possible and keep a low profile.

The Glasgow club and Lazio were charged by Uefa over "illicit chants" heard during their Europa League match on October 24.

Celtic were also charged over the display of an "illicit banner" during the game.

A Celtic statement read: "We can confirm that another supporter was injured after being stabbed early this morning in Rome."

"We are currently attempting to make contact with the supporter but understand that he has been discharged from hospital & is expected to make a full recovery."

It continued: "We can also confirm that a group of Celtic supporters were also attacked after last night’s match after a bus had broken down."

"Again, the Club and British Consulate will aim to give as much support as possible to all supporters requiring assistance."