Scottish actor and film producer Gerard Butler was seen at Glasgow's sparkling event in the Botanic Gardens last night.

The star of 300 and Olympus has fallen was most recently spotted exploring one GlasGLOW's nine immersive worlds on Friday. 

GlasGLOW is the UK's biggest Halloween event with last year's event bringing in over 75,000 visitors. 

Gerard Butler was also seen on Thursday at Bearsden cafe, Grace and Favour, on Roman road. 

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Each area of Glasgow's Botanic Garden has been transformed into own theme ranging from 'Marshamallowland' to 'The Zombie Tearoom'. 

The route is longer than in previous years and it takes approximately ninety minutes to walk through the interactive and immersive elements. 

GlasGLOW ends tomorrow on November 10, so it may be your last chance to experience the immersive and interactive event. 

Peak time prices for adult tickets is £18 and £11.50 for children, with off-peak tickets priced at £14 and £9 respectively.