Glasgow mums have set up a baby food bank to help families in need of supplies in time for Christmas. 

They are calling for donations of items such as stage one formula, nappies, baby wipes, baby food for 6 months plus, breast pads and toiletries. 

The group consisting of Springburn mums, who run a breakfast club at the local Salvation Army hall, is also working with the assistance of two health visitors.

Organisers say it was set up after a local mother was hospitalised due to seizures and couldn't breastfeed her eight-week-old baby, yet the family was not entitled to any benefits. 

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One of the organisers said: "A group of us mums who help to run a school breakfast club rallied around and phoned many of our contacts.

"After a social media plea, we had some donations of items which could be passed onto the family."

It will function on a referral basis only since there are strict guidelines on some of the items being donated such as formula. 

An organiser said: "This system will be used on a health visitor referral only as every child in Glasgow has a health visitor so they know their needs."

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Springburn's branch of the Salvation Army has given the group access to storage space for the item collection. 

Drop-offs will also take place on the premises of Springburn Parish Church and the local community council, with the group also offering pick-ups from nearby areas. 

Other organisations supporting the donation drive include ng homes and family support units.