Glasgow planners have approved a proposal for supermarket chain Lidl to take over two adjoining units in major expansion plan in North Woodside.

The plan involves a revamp of its store and increasing the Lidl outlet’s sales area from 877 square meters to 1,417 square meters at Hopehill Road near Maryhill Road.

One of the adjoining units it plans to take over is currently held by Iceland.

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The report read: “The overall building lacks any aesthetic quality and design features of note. It is considered that the proposal will improve the overall look of the building and modernise it from its somewhat dated and worn appearance.”

“A single large retail unit would be formed by combining the three separate retail units. The immediately adjacent retail unit is an existing supermarket and the easternmost of the retail units is currently vacant.

“A widened vehicular access and new pedestrian footpath are also proposed along with a 100-square-metre extension to the existing supermarket.”

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A statement submitted on Lidl’s behalf explained: “This was one of the first Lidl stores to open in Scotland and, as such, does not reflect the up-to-date needs of Lidl in providing a high-quality, modern discount food store to serve the local area.

“The enlargement of the Lidl store will create wide spacious aisles for customers and an increased range of stock.

“A new glazed frontage will be created on the south-western elevation of the store. This will vastly improve the current dead and inactive frontage which adds very little to the street scene.”