Glasgow restaurant Charcoals has announced it will be offering free food to the city's homeless this Christmas. 

The Renfield Street Indian restaurant will also give out gifts such as sleeping bags and gloves to help combat the cold winter. 

Charcoals has been opening its doors to Glasgow's homeless on Christmas day since 2016. 

Muhammad Sultan, who runs the restaurant, said: "Charity isn't about pity, it's about love. I will do everything to help homeless people."

He added: "I have been doing this for couple of years and we have been giving food to homeless on every Monday and Tuesday for the last 2 years."

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The award-winning restaurant also helps feed Glasgow's homeless on the first two days of each week from 3 to 4pm. 

Commenting on posts about their weekly charity initiative, one of the restaurant's patrons said: "It’s wonderful that you’re doing this and have done so for a few years. Making life a wee bit better for others deserves our thanks and respect."

Another commented: "Fantastic initiative!"

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A Glasgow branch of Nando's on Waterloo Street also announced they were opening on Christmas Day to feed the city's homeless. 

They have appealed to the public to drop off gifts such as hats, gloves, blankets, toiletries, jackets and sleeping bags.