A THUG robbed a woman of her £51,500 Porsche car at knifepoint and hours later crashed it into a police car trapping two officers.

At the High Court in Glasgow, Ryan Gilmour, 27, who was on early release from prison, was lurking nearby when Lindsey Cartwright, 47, drove into the driveway of her Partick home at 6.25pm on November 28, last year.

Gilmour and an unidentified accomplice, who was brandishing a knife with a 30 centimetre blade, told at the terrified woman: “Give us the keys.”

Mrs Cartwright threw the keys at them and then shouted for help and her husband ran from their home.

Prosecutor Lindsay Dalziel said: “At this point his wife was telling him it ‘wasn’t worth it” and ‘he had a knife.’

“Both witnesses then saw the Porsche being driven at speed out of their driveway.”

Around 10pm the Porsche Macan was parked at Bridgewater Shopping Centre in Erskine where it hit into and blocked in Daniel Brain, 30, who had been shopping at a nearby supermarket.

Mr Brain approached Garry Clark, 33, who was in the drivers’ seat and said: “You just hit my car.”

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When Mr Brain bent down to examine the damage to his car and take a photo of it he felt a sharp implement being held against his back by Clark who said: Get tae f*** or I’ll stick this in you.’

He later noticed a pair of sunglasses, a phone adaptor and a mobile phone and its power cable were missing from his car.

At 12.05am police on patrol saw the Macan coming over the brow of a hill.

It was being driven at speed and was on the wrong side of the road overtaking another car.

Ms Dalziel said: "The police vehicle stopped in an effort to avoid a collision. The accused Gilmour, who was driving, lost control of the Porsche and crashed into the police car."

The police car was pushed a considerable distance downhill by the force of the crash. It was substantially damaged and the passenger doors would not open.

Both police officers suffered bruising and soft tissue injuries.

Gilmour admitted robbing Mrs Cartwright of her car at knifepoint in the driveway of her home in Banavie Road, on November 28, last year.

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He also pleaded guilty to careless driving by failing to stop when signalled to do so by police officers, driving on the wrong side of the road and losing control of the car which crashed into a police car. In Fulton Street, Glasgow, on November 29, last year. His co-accused Clark, 33, of Ferryden Court, Glasgow, admitted assaulting Mr Brain by holding a knife or similar instrument against his body and threatening him with it and robbing him of a mobile phone, a phone charger and a pair of sunglasses at Bridgewater Shopping Centre on November 28, 2018.

Gilmour, who is a disqualified driver, has 12 previous convictions, while Clark has five previous convictions, which include assault to permanent disfigurement, possession of a knife and various road traffic offences.

He was released early on April 18, last year. The expiry date of his sentence should have been December 17, last year.

Clark has five previous convictions including domestic abduction and assault with a knife.

He was also released early from prison on October 27, 2017. His sentence was due to end on November 12, last year.

Judge Lord Burns deferred sentence on both until December 3 at the High Court in Edinburgh for background reports.

He also ordered a risk assessment into the danger Gilmour poses to the public.