IT’S every parents dilemma when the time comes – what to do with your old pram after a few years go by and there’s no use for it anymore.

Parents need no longer stress over searching for recycling centres for their old buggies as Repair Café Glasgow prepare to gear up for their latest session in Glasgow’s South Side.

Repair Café, which currently runs a monthly session in Clyde Community Hall, has been hard at work bringing communities together for two years and now the non-profit organisation has set up a ‘Pram Project’ to help mothers and children in need of vital transport.

In collaboration with Zero Waste Scotland and St Enoch Centre, Repair Café is calling on families to drop off their old prams – no matter the condition, in a drive to deliver refurbished prams and buggies to disadvantaged parents.

Lauren Crilly, coordinator of Repair Café Glasgow, said: “St Enoch Centre contacted us to say that there were prams being dumped in the centre, we suspect because parents were buying new prams in Mothercare and didn’t have anywhere to dispose of the old one.”

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Since getting in touch, Repair Café Glasgow and St Enoch’s Centre have partnered to pick up and distribute refurbished pram and buggies to parents in need through Glasgow refugee charity Refuweegee.

Lauren said:”There’s this huge problem that people just don’t know what to do with their prams.They aren’t sure where to bin or recycle them so a lot of them just get dumped.

“We get about five requests per day to pick up and refurbish old and used prams. The response has been fantastic so far. We’ve been calling it Pramageddon!”

The café has now launched a crowdfunder campaign to raise money to accommodate the project, including renting a space to store the prams for the charity and hiring pram technicians to refurbish the pre-loved buggies.

Lauren said: “We want to raise money to expand the project because there’s a huge need there in terms of reducing the waste and saving these prams, but also getting them out to families who need them.

“The aim is to grow the amount of community organisations we’re working with too so that we can support a range of people who are dealing with complex situations and live in poverty.”

Lauren and the team have been hard at work with the new project, having raised nearly £1500 on the crowdfunder campaign with the hopes of raising even more to support the project long-term.

Repair Café Glasgow will hold their next monthly session at Clyde Community Hall, Ibrox on November 16 at 12pm.