THE sentences imposed on the gang of traffickers in Glasgow should be welcomed by everyone as their crimes were horrific.

However, am I the only one who thinks that when the sentences are up they should also be deported? We don’t need people like that in our midst.



WHAT kind of country have we become if this is happening on our doorstep.

All of them should be deported when they complete their sentences. Horrible to do this to poverty-stricken vulnerable women.

Eleanor Dahlstrom

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THE fire in Pollokshields is very sad. Albert Drive was once a beautiful thoroughfare, thoughts are with those left devastated by this tragic event.

Donald Webster

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WITH regards to 6600 drivers being fined in the first three weeks of Glasgow’s bus gates – the town centre is about

shopping and eating in good restaurants.

The cars take the heart out of the city with their poisonous gases and traffic jams.

We want a greener city whereby people can travel to do some shopping on a green Environmentally friendly bus or cycle.

Anne Hughes

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DRIVERS were advised by signs and given grace time about the bus gates.

I don’t drive and even I notice the signs and road markings. Drivers’ own fault.

Andrew McCusker

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LET’S face it, if drivers are getting fined it’s their own fault.

The signs and cameras were up for ages before they started issuing fines.

As for punishing drivers for going to work they should get the bus.

Next point, raising funds for the SNP? Grow up, it’s the city that benefits not the council.

And if Labour had settled all the claims for unequal pay 15 years ago there would still be money in the council coffers!

Zander Beggs

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WOW. What a sum of money.

What would make public transport more attractive would be if those using it didn’t feel they could stand up and swear and abuse other passengers in a loud, aggressive and intimidating way (First, No2, yesterday). At least he wasn’t swigging vodka as well, another popular pastime on the No2.

AB Dickson

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BOYCOTT the city centre. This is the only solution.

All these traffic-calming measures are all about making money and nothing to do with easing congestion.

Forge, Braehead, The Fort, Clydebank or Silverburn – just boycott and shop in any of those establishments hassle free.

Andrew Woods

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ONE more SNP money-making machine.

If they can’t ban it they will tax it more.

And they are a lot of new Green taxes to come for the good people of Scotland.

Jack MacDonald

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WELL done to mums from Springburn for setting up a foodbank to help families ahead of Christmas.

It’s sad that we require such facilities now-a-days but I’m sure it will prove a vital lifeline for struggling families.