TWO Old Firm favourites will feature in the video of a song that is being released by a Glasgow band who tragically lost their guitarist this summer. 

Funtime Frankie is the first single from The Ronains following the tragic death of Shaun Scott in August.

The band will showcase the song and video - starring Celtic hero Frank McAvennie and Rangers legend Andy Goram - at a sold-out event at the GMAC Theatre in the Trongate today.

Lead singer Debi Ronain told The Scottish Sun: "Ideally we would love Shaun to be there.

"It was the last thing he worked on and now this is kind of his legacy.

"These are now the videos that when it comes to his son growing up, who is just three-years-old, he will be able to treasure.

"He loved the process of making this video, you have no idea he kept showing us the next edit. He was so excited for it, but sadly he passed away just ten days before this single was due to come out.

"The funny thing is about this video is that Shaun was always known for dressing in black. Yet for this video, we were like imagine Shaun in a big white Elvis jumpsuit.

"We never really got that far down the line but he wore white jeans and a white t-shirt. It's so weird looking back on it as he looks like an angel considering he was always in black.

"There's nothing we can do to take away the pain from his family but what we can do is try to immortalise him. We want to carry on his legacy.

"Shaun wasn't one of these people who passed away not knowing how much he was loved.

"He was absolutely spoiled rotten, he was cherished, he was the blue-eyed boy. That is our one comfort that the boy knew how much he was adored."

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The video will be premiered to Shaun's family and it is hoped the cameos by Old Firm favourites will delight fans.

Debi said: "We are a Glasgow band and we are mixed.

"We are 75 percent against me though, I'm the only Rangers fan!

"The Ronains debut album Love, Drugs & On The Dole is based on the true story of Lizzy Coyne and her life of debauchery.

"Funtime Frankie is the fourth character to enter the story, The real Funtime Frank was a ladies man, legendary status and is well known in the city!

"We were going down the road of looking for a character like Jay from the Inbetweeners.

"But that was like someone who would be like oh yeah I've done this I've done that, when he hadn't.

"I thought well Frank McAvennie has been there and done that and bought all the girls a t-shirt!

"We couldn't believe we managed to bag him.

"Andy has this cameo and for me being the Rangers fan he's hilarious.

"He shakes his head in disbelief at Frank and his mannerisms on the dance floor.

"We were really lucky that Frank was able to bring him along.

"Frank had said let me see who I can contact and was thinking please be Ally McCoist.

"But to get some like Andy was just fantastic."