Day job: Library assistant

Why did you become a NIV? I was part of a team of volunteers who opened up Priesthill Youth Club to help overturn negative perceptions of our area. We helped set up a scheme at the youth club and carried out weekly garden clean-ups and community litter-picks. We even won an award! and our fire-raising figures are now the lowest across Strathclyde, instead of the highest.

What does your role involve? All sorts, from helping to set up an environmental team to upskill local people looking for work to organising spring cleans with PNC Community Association, supported by GHA and the Environmental Task Force.

Why is it important to step up? When you step up, other people do too.

Who inspires you and why? The people who go out and do this every day, keeping areas clean as much as they can. That’s all we are trying to do in Greater Pollok but trying to get others involved can sometimes be a difficult task.

Best piece of advice ever given, and who gave it to you? “Even if only one person helps you that’s still an extra pair of hands....”

Worst piece of advice ever given, and who gave it to you? “You won’t get anywhere doing that” - but I did.

Favourite spot in Glasgow and why? Rosshall Park. I have great childhood memories of big fish in the pond and caves to explore.

Describe yourself in three words: Determined, patient and loyal