A FORMER door steward who attacked a man trying to sneak into the nightclub he was working at has become a cab driver.

Garry Bulloch was charged with assault to injury in 2006 when he punched the young man in the face who had just been rejected from the club.

The incident, which was captured on CCTV, saw the victim require three stitches to his head and three more stitches to his lip.

Bulloch was ordered to complete a community payback order but breached its terms.

In February 2018 he was fined £525 for driving without insurance with only a provisional licence.

In April 2018 Bulloch was fined another £300 and disqualified from driving for 50 days for driving without insurance.

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Mr Bulloch was brought before the licensing committee to explain himself.

He said: “I had been working at a nightclub in George Square for two years.

“I have no excuse and should never have done that. When you are working in Glasgow you are under a considerable threat. It was a moment of madness.

“I missed my community service because I was working but I did complete it eventually.”

The applicant then explained why he was caught driving without insurance twice.

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He said: “Regarding the incident in April 2018, I had paid for my car insurance but the company did not have the correct address or phone number for me.

“In February 2018 I had just failed my driving test. I should not have taken the car to go and get milk from Tesco.”

Members then questioned Mr Bulloch’s capability to be a private hire car driver.

Councillor Alex Wilson said: “As a cab driver you will have to deal with people who are intoxicated and you will still be provoked. How will you react?”

Mr Bulloch responded: “I would not use violence against anyone. I lost my job as a result of that incident. I won’t happen again.”