IT was lovely to read the article about Becca Anderson and her successful stem cell transplant.

It must have been a beautiful moment for her when she got to meet the anonymous donor who saved her life.

It makes you realise just how vital organ donations are to saving and transforming lives.

Well done Susan, what a kind woman you are.

Jane Reid


I WOULD like to say that I like the new design of the Evening Times and that is has fewer pages about football.

And more about local things.

I get my newspaper delivered as this gives the delivery girl some pocket money.

Isobel Hall


WHY is it that when there is a “disaster,” floods, fire etc. anywhere else in the world, the Government, including Scotland can find millions of pounds to donate to the cause.

Commendable as that may be and yet, when a disaster strikes at home ALL governments turn the proverbial blind eye to the needs of its own people.

Shame on our politicians.


East Kilbride

FYFE ROBERTSON, a Scottish Television journalist of a bygone era, favourite comment when interviewing certain people was “does your conscience never bother you”?

Obviously this would have been a difficult question for the double act, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump to answer, as neither of the two have a conscience to begin with.

Trump when he speaks, makes George Bush the former president look like an Oxford Graduate, whereas Boris Johnson does an imitation of Pinocchio when it comes to the hiding the truth.


Via email

THE BBC has had to apologise for using its 2016 footage of Boris Johnson at the cenotaph.

This was because they had to edit this year’s footage due to the fact that Boris stepped out of line too early.

Then he stuck his foot in it even more by placing his wreath upside down.

I don’t know who is more at fault here, Boris for being his usual buffoon self or the BBC for thinking they can pull the wool over the eyes of the public.

Both of them should hang their heads in shame.

Richard Low


GLASGOW Green’s river road is not just for cyclists.

Most of these people show no regard for other users of this route.

They speed by with no regard at all.

If you tell them to slow down you get a mouthful from the Lycra mob!

Glasgow Green worker

Via email

LORD Justice Dingemans at the High Court ruled that Scotland Yard banning demonstrations by Extinction Rebellion (XR) was illegal.

This could lead to up to 400 XR protestors getting millions of pounds in compensation.

The law is an ass since those who disrupted the public right to go to work get paid for doing so and gives them the green light for more demonstrations.

The cost to taxpayers of these demonstrations was in excess of £31million.

Unless this legal ruling is revoked the public will decide enough is enough and will turn on the demonstrators.

These demonstrators are cowards since they avoid going to China, India, Russia and Chile and the top 10 oil producing countries where they would get jail not compensation.

Clark Cross

Via email