SLADE star Dave Hill has never shied away from daring outfit choices – except when it comes to wearing a kilt.

The musician confessed that he always wanted to wear the traditional Scottish dress as a child - but never got round to it despite showcasing unforgettable flamboyant outfits in Slade.

"When I was a kid, I always wanted to buy a kilt," he beamed.

"I know it is a tradition and all part of the past.

"We used to go up to Scotland to visit a relation in Dundee and there were all these kilts.

"My dad said, 'Do you realise how much that costs?'

"I never did get one," he laughed. 

The star, 73, might just get a chance to explore his inner Scotsman when he visits the city next month to perform with Slade as part of The Rockin' Home for Christmas tour.

Having played iconic Glasgow venues in the past such as the Apollo, they will now be taking their show to SWG3 on December 17. 

"Coming to Glasgow has always been something special to me," he said with a smile in his voice.

He laughed: "I always remember staying in a dodgy bed and breakfast on Bath Street, and the Scotsman (who owned it) said, 'Are you in a band? There is one rule, no birds'

"It was so funny. I will always remember it."

Glasgow Times:

The band, now without former frontman Noddy Holder, has sustained a career for more than five decades with hits Cum On Feel The Noize and Coz I Luv You propelling them into rock n roll history

Today Dave continues to perform Slade's music around the world, a task which appears to be an easy feat considering how successful the band has been. 

He said: "The show that we will do is based on all those really big songs.

"I can play for an hour and 15 minutes and there isn’t one song which is either a number one or a top 20 hit.

"I have so much to choose from because we had hits in the eighties as well you see."

Dave has also promised fans he will continue to show off his stylish side on stage - except these days you are more likely to find him looking for outfit inspiration in the store of a popular High Street retailer.

"I shop in Zara," he said.

"I can find glitzy things in Zara, it is a good shop. 

"In the early days, I had two people making my clothes because you couldn't buy them, it was my ideas.

"Sometimes when I was young, I used to fiddle about buying the long frock coats women would wear. They were black and I would spray them silver and put moons on them.

"I had so much fun. I used to get car paint to spray these coats up against the door. One day I pulled away and there was an imprint on the door.

"My dad was like, 'You stupid so and so, you should have gone outside and done it," he chuckled. 

Glasgow Times:

Despite still being rock n roll about his image, Dave has made an effort to look after himself more on tour especially after health scares in recent years which included a stroke.

He said: "What I try to do on the road is I don’t drink.

"After a show within half an hour, I go to bed. I always make sure that I have winded down and I rest. I respect my body.

"I am pretty exercise orientated I shall walk every morning regardless of the weather for at least an hour and I'll come back and have my breakfast and that is what I do as a routine.

"I have been doing that since the stroke I just think you always feel better when you go for a walk."

Glasgow Times:

The timing of this tour will also allow the band to play their most iconic hit Merry Xmas Everybody, which remained in the charts for nine weeks after its December 1973 release. 

"It clicked worldwide that record," Dave said.

He added: "It did something, it made sense to people that needed something. 

"It was great to be part of.

"Nobody thought 50 years later anybody would remember it, let alone want to buy it."

Glasgow Times:

Now a grandad of five, Dave plans to spend Christmas surrounded by his family but downtime aside the guitarist promises that he will continue to perform as long as he possibly can.

He said: "I am a musician, I've never done anything else, it is the only thing I am good at. 

"I am in a job where people come to me and say thanks for making me happy or thanks for making my childhood. I don't take it for granted.

"While I can still physically do it and as long as I enjoy it I will continue."

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