Jeremy Corbyn says he will scrap the four week wait for Universal Credit then replace it completely.

The Labour leader said it was creating even more poverty and must be replaced.

He said people sleeping on the streets and poverty are the biggest issues facing Glasgow on an election campaign visit to the city.

The Labour leader was at the Heart of Scotstoun community centre in Glasgow North West constituency with the party’s candidate, Patricia Ferguson.

Asked by the Evening Times what the biggest issue facing the city was he said homelessness and rough sleeping.

Mr Corbyn brought Labour’s big red election battle bus to Glasgow to meet activists and deliver a speech.

He said former Tory leader, Iain Duncan Smith, came to Glasgow in 200? And promised to end poverty.

Glasgow Times: Jeremy Corbyn in GlasgowJeremy Corbyn in Glasgow

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Afterwards, in an interview with the Evening Times, he said Labour will make immediate changes to social security.

Asked what the biggest issues were, he said: “Homelessness brought about by insufficiency of housing and the rules on intentionally homeless and the operations of universal credit.

“I think ending Universal credit and ensuring there is real social security is very important. The levels of poverty and inequality across Glasgow are massive.

“It’s the city in Britain with the shortest life expectancy and many children are breathing bad quality air and damaging their lungs even before they get to school age. It is about a proper system of social security but its also about investment in jobs and the green energy jobs of the future which I am determined to do.

“We will immediately end the two-child policy. We will immediately end the rape clause. We will immediately end the bedroom tax and we will immediately end the wait period for to go on to universal credit that is there at the present time and we will then introduce legislation to replace it with a comprehensive system of social security, rather than Universal Credit.”

Mr Corbyn was joined by Labour Scottish leader Richard Leonard and Patricia Ferguson.

Ms Ferguson, a former MSP, said “in this constituency alone nearly 11,500 people will be better off because of our proposals on a living wage.

“And that will trickle down and make sure that there are fewer than the current total of 28,000 children in poverty.

“Those statistics should shame anyone in 2019.”