GLASGOW’S South Western Scout groups are gearing up for their 3rd gang show, set be to held at Hutcheson’s Grammar School this weekend.

Scouts and Beavers in the south of the city have been preparing since August for their variety spectacular, with members ready to take to the stage to show off their talents.

Stuart Yuill, South Western District Commissioner, said: “This year, we have a cast of about 50. Around 14 Scout groups from South Side will take part in the show. They’ve been practicing their singing and dancing routines as well as comedy routines and sketches.”

Gang Shows have been commonplace in Scout group calendars since the 1930s, but after cancellation of the shows in Glasgow in 2013, Stuart and his colleagues decide to bring the variety performance back two years ago to the South Side stage.

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Stuart said: “We brought it back in 2017 and we had a good show then and an even better show in 2018. Audience numbers have been on the up and we’re hoping that this show will be bigger and better than the last.”

The show will include South Side Scouts and Beavers as well as older volunteers for the group, but Stuart says the focus will be on the young stars of the show:

“We have quiet a few older volunteers performing in the show with the kids but they’re very much in the minority – the focus is on this being a youth show.”

And all for the better, as Stuart explains that the kids have been excitedly honing their talents for the big performances.

He said: “It’s something that we know the kids enjoy too and gives them a chance to show off their talents to an audience.

“It’s a mix of ages, talents, abilities and the kids have been practising hard every weekend leading up to it.”

Performers from the age of six up to 17 will showcase an entertainment extravaganza for the adoring audience, filled with the likes of singing and dancing routines and comedy sketches to wow family and friends.

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Stuart does stress, however, that the most important aim of the show is not perfecting the moves down to a tee, but for the children and young adults to come together as a group.

He said: “It’s about inclusivity. One of our mottos for the show is ‘there are no stars in the Gang Show, you’re all stars’.

“There isn’t a star of the show, and no leading part. Everyone is in it all together.”

There’s more to the South Western District Gang Show than just showing off the amazing talents of the kids involved – Stuart explains that the rehearsals have been a big part in teaching the kids an important lesson too.

“Routine is a big part of it. They have been rehearsing together since August so it instils that in the kids too, to have something to work hard towards.

“They’ve enjoyed practising every week for the past 3 months and it’s great seeing it all start to come together.”

The kids will be working hard this weekend, with a matinee at 2pm and an evening show at 6pm each day at Hutcheson’s Grammar School.

Audiences can catch the show on Saturday and Sunday, with tickets available online at or at the door.