THE Clutha Bar is to open its doors to Glasgow’s homeless, vulnerable and lonely communities on Christmas Day.

The event is being run by local group Lights on G1, which believes no-one should be alone during the festive period.

The event is in its second year, having previously gathered at a venue in the Gorbals last year.

It’s thought around 70 ­people will descend on the pub for a three-course meal, entertainment and company.

An organiser for Lights on G1, who asked not to be named ­because it is a “team effort”, told the Evening Times the support for the event has been ­“amazing”.

He said: “We want to highlight that homeless, lonely and vulnerable people can be left with nothing on Christmas Day, so we’ve put on this event so that people can come in, relax, have some food and we even provide them with presents.

“We don’t want people to be alone on Christmas Day – there are people out there who will care for you and be there, our place is open.”

The event has five performers ready to provide entertainment during the day, with Soho Bar providing a free three-course meal for everyone who attends.

Greggs bakery has given their support to the event, while ­Susan McGorm Hair Boutique will be on hand to cut people’s hair on the day.

The organiser added: “ I have an arrangement where I get to see my son every second year, and for the other year I am myself – so I know what it’s like to be alone on Christmas.

“I also work with homeless people and it’s horrible to see, something has to be done.

“We spoke to Alan, the Clutha owner, and he was fully ­supportive of what we are trying to achieve.

“It’s sad, but the Clutha is there for anyone who needs it.”

The group also plans to walk the streets on Glasgow on Christmas Day to let homeless people know about the event.

It’s hoped that even if they don’t join, they will be able to provide vouchers to get a warm meal.

Alan Crossan, owner of the Clutha, added: “The Clutha ­families were overwhelmed with the support they received after the disappointing outcome of the FAI.

“In recognition of this support, dedicating the Clutha Bar on Christmas Day to help the most vulnerable people in our community seemed a fitting tribute.

“Our families stand united and our strength is helping ­others who are less fortunate.”

Anyone looking to donate can find full details on the Lights on G1 Facebook page.