MY SCHOOL: From 1981 to 1987, I went to Whitehill Secondary School in Dennistoun. It was state of the art, having only opened in 1977. It was really big and felt a bit scary for me, a wee first year, aged 11.

It was run under the watchful eye of Mr Thomson, whose nickname was Spud, though I never knew why. On my very first day of school I got lost and I ran straight into him. He hollered: “Little girl, where are you going?” and I nearly fainted.

He gave me 100 lines, which you’d think would be ‘I must not run’ but in fact I had to write ‘I must walk through the school in the correct direction’. It turned out he had a one-way system in the corridors, and I was going in the wrong direction.

Glasgow Times:

FAVOURITE TEACHER: Mr Klouman, my maths teacher, was fantastic - he took time to explain things. I used to write out my working incorrectly but still manage to get the correct answer. We had a temporary teacher one day, who accused me of cheating and once again, I found myself in front of the headteacher.

However, Mr Klouman explained that all I was doing was working out the sum faster in my head than I could write, so I missed out numbers and sequences along the way. Thanks to Mr Klouman, I was spared more lines.

SCHOOL DINNER, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME? I went home with my younger brother.

We shared a tin of soup followed by a tin of custard or creamed rice. In the early days, we used to run home and keep the bus fare we’d been given to buy sweeties. Then mum got us travel cards - we were gutted.

FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Chemistry, as I found it absolutely fascinating how things reacted with one another.

I loved carrying out experiments and had my own chemistry lab (complete with Bunsen burner and microscope) at home.

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LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT: French. Not because I didn’t like languages, but because there was a horrible bully in the class who made everyone’s life a complete misery.

MY BEST FRIEND: Lorna Brown. She was one year and two days older than me because I’d started school early.

We didn’t keep in touch after school and so I have no idea what she’s doing now, but she was a tall, pretty and intelligent girl. I’m guessing she’s doing well.

IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY SCHOOLDAYS IT WOULD BE.... I’m not sure I would change anything.

I’m a believer in the butterfly effect and so if I change something in the past this might have a little ripple that affects my life now – something I do not want to do.

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