This is the moment a gang of youths were chased by police through the streets of Paisley after a missile was thrown at the fire service.

Police and fire crews were called to the scene on Oakshaw Street West at around 9.20pm on Saturday to find a bonfire had been lit in wasteground.

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When the fire service arrived on scene, police say a missile was thrown, and thankfully no injuries were reported.

Four male youths, whose names could not be disclosed, were arrested.

Video: Jamie Shuttleworth

One was nicked for police assault, with two others arrested for public disorder.

Footage captured from the scene shows officers chasing youths through the street in the pitch black, with an eyewitness saying around ten police cars were present.

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A police spokeswoman confirmed to The Evening Times that inquiries are ongoing.

She said: “Police and fire service attended a call to reports of a bonfire being lit on waste ground on Oakshaw Street West, Paisley, around 9.20pm on Saturday November 16.

“Four male youths have been arrested in connection with the incident and enquiries are continuing.

“Enquiries are continuing into reports of a missile being thrown at the fire service during the disturbance.”