A city’s tax payers were handed a bill for more than 500 taxi trips because officials feared their council leader’s life could be in danger.

In April of last year, 46-year-old Amanda McCutcheon was convicted of stalking the Glasgow council leader, Susan Aitken, forcing Ms Aitken to stop travelling on public transport.

A freedom of Information request has unearthed an 11-page taxi bill which the council boss has run up in the space of two years.

Ms Aitken, who does not drive, cost the city council tax payers almost £7000 for her visits to hotels, restaurants, the City Chambers in George Square, the constituency office of First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon and a single bill for £102 from her home in Glasgow’s south side to Edinburgh Airport.

Almost £2000 of the total consisted of trips made to and from her home address. In April of last year, the cost of journeys from her home to George Square ranged from £9.80 to £24.00.

In an explanation contained in the council’s Freedom of Information response, an official states:”Councillor Aitken was strongly advised by the Chief Executive (Annemarie O’Donnell) to travel by taxi, rather than public transport, following death threats made by a woman who was later convicted of stalking her.

“As Councillor Aitken does not drive, taxi was the only travel option available.”

We asked the council for an explanation of the bill in general.

A spokesman said:“A very large part of this is expenditure was incurred following direct threats to Councillor Aitken which led to someone being found guilty of stalking. She was strongly urged by the Chief Executive of the council to travel by taxi for her own safety.

“The remainder of the expenditure simply reflects the fact that the Leader of Glasgow City Council is always incredibly busy and often requires to travel to meet people or attend events.”

Of the £102 bill to Edinburgh Airport in particular, he added:” The council will use whichever method of transport is appropriate to ensure the Leader is able to do her job.”