READING in last Monday’s Evening Times I was shocked to see the amount of people being caught by the new bus gates in Glasgow city centre.

Around 6600 in three weeks!

That must be a staggering amount of money that Glasgow City Council must be raking in from fines.

Where is the money from the fines going?

Judging by the state of Glasgow’s roads, the money is not going there.

Glasgow seems to have the worst roads in the country.

So, Glasgow City Council can’t say it doesn’t have enough money to repair they when it is getting all this money from bus gate fines.

Come on Glasgow, let’s see where the money is going.

Is the council going to pay for the repairs to any cars damaged due to these bad roads with all this money collected from these fines?

P McNee


I’M pleased to read that CPR training will be provided by Glasgow fire stations (Evening Times, Thursday). This is a very sensible move.



I WRITE regarding Glasgow lawyer Mike Dailly’s new column in last week’s Evening Times about charging disabled people and found it very informative.

However, I was flummoxed by the used of the word ‘impecunious’ which when I looked it up means penniless or poor.

Use plain English please and stop trying to be smart –we are not all Jacob Rees-Mogg types!

A Burns


I ENJOYED Carla Jenkins’ piece on Friday on the Central Gurdwara on Berkeley Street in Glasgow.

I think it is a beautiful building and a welcome addition to the city.

It was interesting to read more about the building and how long it took to build it and raise funds.

C Lindsay


I READ the article on Friday on plans to demolish the former RBS building on Trongate to replace it with a hotel, shops and a pub.

I love the design –the area definitely needs this development and more.

Shedan Clarke

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I WAS in the Trongate today for the first time in ages and thought it was a dump. Anything will be better than what’s there at the moment.

Fraser Weir

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