A Youtuber has sparked a reaction online after wearing Celtic and Rangers tops at the opposing club's stadium tour.

Ninh Ly raised a few eyebrows when he turned up at Ibrox and Celtic Park for his Ultimate Bucket List channel - exploring what he described as "one of the nastiest rivalries in world football".

Manchester United supporter Nimh admitted he "barely watches Scottish football", so doesn't have an opinion of Rangers or Celtic going into the experiment.

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The vlogger, who regularly shares videos of stadium tours across Europe, wanted to see if the club divide was "as bad as it seems". 

After originally being snapped up by confused locals on Friday, Ninh posted his video on Monday - raking up 50,000 views in less than a day.

He opened the video by saying: "Regulars of this show know I'm a Manchester United fan, I have been for some time, so I don't have much of an opinion on Rangers or Celtic.

"So I want to find out, is it really true what they say - do they hate each other so much the colours fill them with rage?"

First up on Ninh's tour of Scottish stadiums was Ibrox - where he donned a Hoops top with the name 'McGregor' on the back.

Within a minute, the vlogger was getting "angry car drivers blaring their horns" as he walked down Edmiston Drive. 

"So, an ominous start so far," he joked.

"Almost immediately I noticed the Rangers fans don't want anything to do with me.

"They're making a conscious effort to stay away from me".

Glasgow Times: Ninh Ly at IbroxNinh Ly at Ibrox

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As he approached the stadium's main entrance, a man in a Rangers tie opened the door.

"You're doing a stadium tour, in that jersey? That's our arch-rivals," he pointed out.

Ninh continued through the tour, taking in the historic sights of Ibrox wearing the rival colours.

Sitting in the press room, he joked: "I must have a really bad smell as no-one is sitting next to me.

"No-one wanted to stand next to me, but other than that, it wasn't that bad."

Ninh added that the tour guide was "very reasonable" considering what he was wearing, adding here is a "mutual respect" between fans despite the rivalry. 

Next up, the vlogger headed east to Celtic Park.

"One thing that was abundantly clear was that everyone was super nice, they all shook my hand and welcomed me to Celtic Park. 

"Everyone was incredibly nice, I was given a warm welcome by everyone.

"The tour saw the funny side of it, I was in shock at how cool everyone was.

"The fans didn't mind I was there." 

After snapping up some pictures pitchside, Ninh spent time in the director's box - enjoying a laugh with the fellow tour. 

"Overall, I was made to feel very welcome here and I was highly grateful of that," he added.

At the end of both tours, Ninh even revealed to both tour guides that he was not in fact a fan of the rival sides. 

Glasgow Times: Ninh Ly at Celtic ParkNinh Ly at Celtic Park

In his summarising comments, Ninh admitted that both clubs were "very nice to him" and that the hatred was "exaggerated". 

The video sparked a flurry of comments from either side of Glasgow's footballing spectrum.

One social media user wrote: "Your 'experiment' was flawed, by the time you reached Parkhead thhe photo of you at Ibrox was already circulating online and your Celtic top was showing under your Rangers one.

"Plus you showed no evidence real of unfriendly behaviour, except one obvious joke? Bit disappointing tbh."

Another added: "Really enjoyed your videos before and was actually looking forward to this one, swift unsubscribe soon after watching it."

However some were positive. One said: "Well done very impartial. A bit of an eye-opener."

And a second said: "This is the most underrated channel on youtube".

Responding to the comments, Ninh urged everyone to "take a step back and look at it for what this really is."

He added: "I’m clearly NOT a Rangers or Celtic or Liverpool fan.

"This was an experiment to show that there’s nothing wrong with representing your team wherever you go.

"This doesn’t just apply to me, but to everyone.

"The staff at those clubs didn’t mind at all, so why should anyone else care? And it’s typical almost everywhere else.

"It’s common for American sports to wear the jersey of the opposing team. Nobody cares. In Rugby, you can wear a different coloured shirt and watch your team.

"Nobody cares. I could even walk around West Bromwich in a Wolverhampton shirt and guess what? Nobody cares.

"Is it a crime in Glasgow, I’m not so sure anymore?

"If after reading the above statement you’re still ‘offended’ by this, and think that it’s ‘disrespectful’ – you’re fully entitled to your opinion, of course. But explain to it me. Tell me why?"

You can view the full video here.