A RADIO station which launched 20 years ago will return to airwaves.

Beat 106 Scotland will return online and via a mobile app next year.

The station was one of Scotland's biggest and was infamous for its massive club and party nights. It was also dubbed “Scotland’s Music Revolution” in the early 2000s.

Owner and project founder Richard Wilkinson said: “It’s so exciting to announce the return of Beat 106 Scotland next year. For a while, it was the radio station that everyone that loved dance music listened to. Everyone involved as part of the original station launch in 1999 was always being asked, ‘When’s it coming back?’.

"It’s early days yet but the plan is to launch the station in summer 2020. A lot of the great Beat 106 DJs have agreed to come on board and I’m looking forward to being able to announce some huge Club 106 live events very soon.”

He added: "The station was such an important part of people’s lives. I know people that are now married with kids that met at Beat 106 Scotland club nights and there’s really not a Scottish based and owned radio station catering for an audience that are passionate about dance music. It’s time to bring the beat back!”

A crowdfunder for anyone that wants to help make the station launch has been created via the newly launched website at www.beat106scotland.com. Funders who donate will get perks of being the first to hear the details about the new station as well as getting tickets to all of Beat 106 Scotland’s live events.