THE most “entertaining protest” was staged outside the city chambers yesterday morning to condemn plans to develop Otago Lane in the West End.

Members of Save our Lane who have been campaigning against various developments for more than 10 years sang and played instruments while holding banners and placards to “leave our lane alane".

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One member of the group even played the saxophone while others sang When The Saints Go Marching In, Baker Street and music from Van Morrison.

Even young protesters in their pushchairs turned up to show their support.

A campaigner from Save our Lane said: “It was a good event and received a lot of support from campaigners.

“The security guard from the council building said it was the most entertaining protest he had ever witnessed.

“Some members of Extinction Rebellion came along to support us.”

The campaigner then said he wasn’t surprised at the council’s decision to agree planning permission to remove the pavement from Otago Lane.

He continued: “We were expecting this result but to be honest we are more upset that we were not allowed to speak at the council meeting.

“We had no input whatsoever and were not allowed to represent our case at the discussion.

“They have removed most of the wildlife corridor and this will only destroy it further.”

A planning application was first approved in 2011 and renewed in 2015.

The application before committee yesterday was another form of renewal and was approved unanimously by the board who requested an energy statement be submitted as part of a planning condition.

Protesters fear that if further planning permission for 45 flats and four town houses is approved at the rear of Otago Street and Otago Lane, more people will leave the area.

Supporters of Save our Lane continued: “A lot of people have already moved away because of this planning threat.

“Families have moved away because it is too dangerous and local businesses have moved on also.

“I can guarantee you if this application goes ahead more people will leave.

“They are making it too difficult for to stay.”