A GLASGOW-BASED social enterprise company has launched a Crowdfunder to create Scotland’s first mobile zero waste shop.

Society Zero CIC launched the funding campaign following the success of market stalls and community events since its founding in 2018.

Founder and Managing Director of Society Zero CIC, Sophie Lejeune, said: “When I started Society Zero, I saw it more as a way to bridge the gap between classes more than anything, especially when it come to environmentalism, it’s about making it a normal part of society.”

“There were zero waste shops in big cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee, but not in rural areas or areas that are maybe a bit more economically challenged.”

Sophie launched the Crowdfunder in early November and so far just over £1700 of the £11,000 target has been raised.

She said: “The idea for the van came a while back, before I had even launched, because I always thought Scotland was very rural. It’s about making it more accessible for people and so a mobile shop seemed like the simple solution to reaching those further out.”

“The idea is having one van travel around the country rather than have 50 to 100 cars travelling to the same place.”

Once the van is purchased and up and running, Sophie plans to visit areas such as North and West Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, North and South Lanarkshire and Stirling.

Zero waste shops encourage customers to bring their own packaging the store, where they can choose the amount of food needed by depositing into their own container.

The aim of the shops are to cut down on plastic waste and food waste traditionally attributed to larger shops and supermarkets.

Zero waste shops have grown in popularity over the past few years as the general public look for new way to cut down their carbon footprint.

Sophie said: “I have a massive passion for green infrastructure – it links health and social care, as well as the environment.

“That’s why we set up as a social enterprise – it’s for the community to benefit the community. It’s not just a trend that people are jumping on top of.”