Pupils are being sent home from a primary school in Bishopbriggs due to Norovirus fears due to a lack of hot water.

East Dunbartonshire Council informed Balmuildy Primary School parents of the decision just before 1pm, making the announcement on Twitter.

Parents are being contacted to collect their children, with kids being kept safe inside the building until they arrive.

Council chiefs fear pupil and staff hygiene will be put at risk as a result, which comes at a time when the winter vomiting bug is most prominent. 

Depute Chief Executive of Education, People & Business at the council, Ann Davie, said: "The decision was taken to close Balmuildy Primary School today due to a lack of hot water in the school building.

"Hot water is essential for the health and safety of pupils and staff, particularly when pupils are reporting Norovirus symptoms."


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She added: "We hope that the hot water issue will be fixed today so that the school can reopen as normal tomorrow.

"We will keep parents and carers updated."

It comes just a week after pupils were sent home from another primary school in the area amid an outbreak of Norovirus.

The council confirmed to the Evening Times on November 14 there was an outbreak of the winter vomiting bug at Thomas Muir Primary School. 

It's understood parents were "queuing up to pick up sick children from the assembly hall" both that day after they were exhibiting symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhoea.

The highly infectious virus spreads easily from human contact and surfaces touched by those already affected.

Other symptoms include high body temperature or fever, headaches and sore or aching arms or legs.