MY SCHOOL: I went to Holmlea Primary School in Cathcart, from 1992 to 1999 and it was the most beautiful building - very Victorian and grand. The building is still there but the school closed in 2005. I would love to live there if it was turned into flats, I have so many happy memories from my primary school days. After Holmlea, I went to Hutchesons’ Grammar School in Pollokshields until 2005. It was a big school full of characters.

FAVOURITE TEACHER: Madame Paul and Frau Davis, my language teachers. They really gave me my zest for foreign languages which I then went on to study at university. We went on a few school trips to Germany with them and always had such a fun time. I also loved my two Latin teachers, Mr Wood and Mr McKie who taught us Classics in a classroom that was like an Aladdin’s cave, full of dusty old books and old comfy sofas.

SCHOOL DINNER, PACKED LUNCH OR HOME: Always a packed lunch at primary school. My Mum was quite the cook so we often had things like smoked salmon bagels and home made scones. My classmates would ask to swap ‘one for one’. Sometimes in primary seven, we would head off to the local corner shop for a Morton’s roll (lots of butter) and a packet of smokey bacon crisps.

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FAVOURITE SUBJECT: French and German, because of my wonderful teachers. And we always holidayed in France so I was the family translator – une baguette et deux pains aux chocolat s’il vous plait!

LEAST FAVOURITE SUBJECT: Definitely maths! I was hopeless. My brain just doesn’t work well with numbers, I still count on my fingers.. I have my uncle to thank for helping me get my Higher.

MY BEST FRIENDS: I have kept in touch with so many of my school friends and they are still my best pals. My best friend from secondary school, Jan, was bridesmaid at my wedding last year and we still speak every day, she is my rock. Our high school group of eight are still extremely tight and even though we are all working now, some are married, some have babies, we still see each other regularly and the babies come too. My oldest friend from primary school, Nicola, is a successful stylist and just last week took me on a shopping spree to help style me for TV.

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IF I COULD CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT MY SCHOOL DAYS IT WOULD BE: I would study drama. I always loved it but never took it as a subject. I spent a lot of time hanging out in the drama department. I auditioned for Fantine in Les Miserables, our sixth year show, and totally fluffed it because of nerves.

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