A MAN who was caught by police with heroin in his car has been granted a private hire driver’s licence.

Paul McDougall was issued a confiscation order of £1800 for being in possession of heroin in 2014. He was also ordered to complete a community payback order and 225 hours of unpaid work within nine months.

Police officers on patrol stopped Mr McDougall’s vehicle because of the way he was driving. On searching the vehicle they found three bags of brown powder and £1200 cash.

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The bags were tested and it was confirmed they contained 3.5g of heroin. No explanation was given for the amount of cash.

In November 2017 he was fined £50 for being in possession of cocaine. In July that year police were called to an address on Cambuslang Road, Glasgow where they found Mr McDougall inside a vehicle.

He told police that he had drugs in his car. It was confirmed that the substance tested positive for 0.8g of cocaine.

Members of Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee were informed of Mr McDougall’s criminal history on Thursday.

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They were also informed that the applicant had been charged for two other incidents including a breach of the peace in February 2008 with a £120 fine being issued.

In August 2005 Mr McDougall was using a quiz machine with his friends in a pub. Staff asked them to leave but the group refused forcing staff to turn the machine off at the wall.

They tried to move Mr McDougall and his friends outside which lead to an argument between the parties. The police were called as a result.

In 2017 he was fined another £260 following an incident 2015 which lead to McDougall and his friends from being thrown out of a bar.

The men were asked to leave for dancing on the furniture. This lead to an argument between them and the door steward.

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Mr McDougall was asked to explain himself to the licensing committee.

He said: “I was open and honest with police. I told them what they needed to know and what I had done [in relation to the drugs].

“I have no relationship with drugs now and this will never happen again. I know the impact drugs have on society and I can only apologise for my behaviour.”

Mr McDougall was then asked what experience he had as a driver working for the public.

He replied: “I have been working as a delivery driver for FedEx for more than four years, six days a week.

“It is surprising how irate customers can get when their parcels don’t arrive on time so I have to keep a level head.”

Councillor Elspeth Kerr asked for reassurances that Mr McDougall was responsible.

He said: “I am not involved in any social circles which involves drugs. I have a small circle of friends now. Those days are over.”