ANIMAL lovers all over the city have been on tenterhooks the past few weeks, awaiting the reveal of our Perfect Pet winner. 

Now the wait is over, and the Evening Times can reveal that the Perfect Pet winner 2019 is the beautiful Bonny. 

The gorgeous Blue Merle Border Collie won the public vote for Glasgow’s cutest pet and as the pictures prove, she lives up to the crown. 

At 16-years-old, Bonny was found at a farm in Bearsden by her adoring owner Kelly McCandless in June 2003. 

Kelly said: “When I found her, we found out that she was born on my birthday. It was just meant to be, I fell in love!” 

Bonny now accompanies her owner Kelly to work at Antonine Court Day Centre, where the gorgeous collie gets to interact with staff and clients day-to-day, something she has been doing for around two years.

Glasgow Times:
Kelly said: “I work in a day care centre for people with learning disabilities and physical disabilities and she comes into the centre with me.

“It’s amazing the effect she has on everyone there, they all adore her. I’m a big believer in pet therapy.”

 Although partially deaf and partially blind, Bonny hasn’t slowed her down in her joy for life, as owner Kelly describes: “She still loves being active, one of her favourite things to do is go on road trips.”

One of the family traditions with Bonny and is visiting Loch Lomond every Christmas Day, along with Kelly’s sister and Bonny’s best pal, Kevin the cat. 

She said: “We’ve made the trip to Loch Lomond a tradition every Christmas Day since my mum passed away in 2014. It’s made some really nice memories and of course both Bonny and Kevin.”

Bonny’s brother, Bobby Blue, was also part of the household until he passed away two years ago, but Bonny has been powering through with a cheery optimism every step, helping Kelly and the family through tough times. 

Kelly said: “She got me through it and I got her through it. She just takes everything in her stride now. 

“I would’ve been lost if I didn’t have her, the family would’ve been lost without her. She’ll be getting a special treat to celebrate her win!”