TWO sisters who live next door to each other are at the end of their tether over a suspected rat infestation in the lofts of their homes.

Henrietta and Amanda Johnston claim that they have been living with rodents for the last three years - and the situation is so bad that the young daughter of one of the sisters won't stay in her own home.

The siblings, who stay in Ruchill’s Hayston Street, have lost count over the number of times pest control has been called out to tackle the issue.

Amanda says she has had enough with her daughter Chanelle, 7, refusing to live at home because she is scared of the creatures while Henrietta said she cannot sleep knowing rats are in the house.

Glasgow Times:

Mum-of-two Henrietta, 41, said: “They just run about wild in the loft and you hear a constant scratching noise.

“Pest control has put down traps and I have lost count over how many times they have been out.

“This is three years and the rats are still in the loft. We can’t get rid of them.”

She added: “I am paranoid in my own house, I kick things out the way just to make sure there are no rats behind them. I am up all night, I don’t sleep.”

Mum-of-four Amanda, 38, continued: “My wee girl has been staying with my mum. She cries to stay with her nana.

“I am depressed because I just want my child home. I can’t sleep.”

Pest control has discovered rat droppings and urine in the lofts forcing the sisters to throw out valuable items stored in the area.

Glasgow Times:

A children’s ball pit was also binned after the rats chewed through it while the sisters discovered a rat on the street outside their home which they photographed.

Henrietta said: “Pest control come out, then three or four weeks down the line the rats are back.

“They have to be breeding. It is horrible, I hate it.”

The sisters, who have both lived in their homes for 12 years, claim they have been in constant contact with NG Homes to resolve the issue once and for all.

It is also understood that while neighbours have also raised the problem in the past, it has still not be resolved. 

The sisters, however, believe that the lofts should be completely stripped to make sure they are rat-free.

Amanda said: “I felt like handing in my keys and giving up this home.”

Henrietta added: “NG Homes don’t care about us as long as they get their rent. The rats will eventually come into the house.”

NG Homes said that they have been in contact with the sisters and have been monitoring the situation.

A spokesman for NG Homes said: "The health and safety of our tenants and residents is our number one priority. "We responded promptly when we were made aware of this issue and we are working closely with the relevant environmental services to investigate and resolve the matter.

"The situation is being actively monitored and we are liaising with the tenants and families affected to ensure that they are provided with the appropriate support and assistance.”